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Photo Gallery of Kick Off Party!

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Congratulations - Alabama 2011 BCS & AP National Champions!




Opponent / Event


Time / Result


vs. Michigan

Arlington, TX

W 41-14


vs. Western Kentucky

Tuscaloosa, Ala.

W 35-0


at Arkansas

Fayetteville, Ark.

W 52-0


vs. Florida Atlantic

Tuscaloosa, Ala.

4:00 CST


vs. Ole Miss

Tuscaloosa, Ala.

8:15 CST


at Missouri

Columbia, Mo.



at Tennessee

Knoxville, Tn.



vs. Mississippi State

Tuscaloosa, Ala.



at LSU

Baton Rouge, La.

7:00 pm CT


vs. Texas A&M

Tuscaloosa, Ala.



vs. Western Carolina

Tuscaloosa, Ala.



vs. Auburn TV

Tuscaloosa, Ala.



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Membership Application 

Why be a supporting member of the UA Alumni Association - Augusta Chapter?

1.      Because every dollar you put into our local chapter (membership or otherwise) is leveraged through fund raisers, etc. so that your dollar ends up being several dollars that supports our University of Alabama.

2.      Because your support enables a local presence for UA Alumni that we can all be proud of (right here in the heart of bulldog land) with local meetings, local website, etc.

3.      Because even though you may not be active, your membership support allows the Chapter Officers (all volunteers) to represent you as part of the Alabama family.

4.      Because your support allows us to have numerous UA social events such as our Annual Kick Off Party, local game watching, and Annual Golf Outing.

5.      Because your support allows the Chapter to reach out and encourage local students to attend the UA.

6.      Because our University was good to us and we need to stay in touch in some supportive way even though we are hundreds of miles away.


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About Our Association

The objects and purposes of the said association shall be to promote and encourage a continuing interest in and loyalty to the University of Alabama; to effectively employ the talents, energies and contributions of alumni to constructive ends for The University of Alabama; to provide a standardized organizational structure and coordinated program for alumni chapters; to develop goals and coordinate the efforts aimed at their accomplishment; to promote the cultural, academic and literary advancement of its members; to support the President, Board of Trustees, staff, faculty and student body of the University in their efforts to improve the institution; to publish and distribute various publications related to the University and its alumni, to arrange and conduct meetings of the alumni; to assist in the recruitment of students to attend the University and to provide scholarships where appropriate; to encourage alumni and friends of the University to generously support The University of Alabama by gifts, devises and bequests;  to organize and promote a fund to the known as The University of Alabama Alumni Fund for the use and benefit of The University of Alabama and for this Association; and to conduct any and all appropriate activities to accomplish the above objects and purposes.


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